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Sunday, March 29, 2009

At the recent Froedtert Community & Network Woman's Fair held at Washington County Fair grounds, West Bend, WI, we spoke to over 800 women and presented Martina Hartwell, R.N. at St. Joseph's Cancer Care Center with some Chuckle Bags to take back with her to the Center.
Thank you to all who were in attendance in our audience. You were great sports as we practiced stepping out of our comfort zones, making healthy choices, having an 'I can do it" attitude-- and even danced! It was great meeting so many of you (and loved the hugs!).
Kudos to Jenn Smith, Gina Lange, and everyone who worked so hard to create this wonderful event!

Does Cancer Have a Sense of Humor?

In an article by Arlene Harder, A, MFT, by the same title, Ms. Harder
Refers to the research concerning the mind-body connection, which sees laughter as a potential influence in healing.......... In a 60 minute segment about the Wellness Community, a national program of support for cancer patients and their families included a segment called a “Joke Fest” at which participants practiced laughing at a particular joke......We hear of fact after fact about how important laughter is to our health. It’s said that 15 minutes of laughter a day can actually extend one’s life.

When my brother-in-law, Ken, discovered he had cancer and had to undergo chemo treatments, I had to come up with a Christmas gift for him. I created a Chuckle Bag™. Months later Ken and my sister Marilyn were marveling over the big part the Chuckle Bag™played in their day during that difficult time. A new “Chuckle” every morning gave them a reprieve from the worry and a positive focus, something to smile about in a time when smiles are scarce. At the end of their 60 day supply of individually wrapped Chuckles, they recycled them again.

As a result of the positive feedback from them and others whom I had given the Bags out to, I started making more Chuckle Bags™and today I find they are a welcome gift (you can find them at for Anyone who is sick or lonely, – hey, we all need more laughter. It does a body good!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun and Learning Flowed at SEWI-ASTD Meeting

It was great seeing so many old and new friends at the SEWI-ASTD February Chapter meeting. With it’s Focus on taking care of YOU, the morning was held at Windwood Fitness Center and was packed with workshops that dealt with Personal health and attitude skills. My job: As the Stress Terminator, I kicked off theMorning with a taste of our Hurray It’s Monday! program, helping to revitalize spirits and fill personal reservoirs. As the “Workplace Genie” I was given the honor to provide a ‘wrap up” at the morning end, with a touch of glitz and “Genie-ism” attendees were given a quick lesson on movements they could use to energize themselves at their desk, de-stress, and even help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. What fun we had! -- Thanks for including me in the mix!!!