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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


How often do you give a direction or advice and find yourself frustrated because the other person acts like they haven't got a clue?

The result: You get frustrated.  You find yourself reacting to circumstances that failed your expectations-- and it just might be 'self-inflicted' frustration. We’ve all heard of the dangers of the word “assume” – yet we continually fall into the trap of doing just that.  We assume the other person knows what we are thinking.   The other scenario is that we are rush and don't take the time to choose the correct wording that accurately defines what we mean. If  communicated better in the first place it would have positioned everyone for a win/win situation.  

The next time you are talking with your colleague (your spouse or children) be sure to verbalize those outcomes that are important to you. Be specific. Most of us are not mind readers. Beware of sounding like you are giving an order. Be aware of your tone of voice and speaking pace. Slow down, speak calmly.   Put yourself in a 'team' mindset.    It might sound like this:

  • We need to be able to count on… (results)…to assure that   (whatever) happens , it means you will have to…..
    • Discuss potential road blocks and what alternatives would better achieve the appropriate response.
           Can we count on you to achieve this?   How much time do you think you will need?   
  • The next time this situation occurs, you need to ….
    • Provide specific examples as to possible sentences and check how they might sound.
          Is there any reason you would not be able to do that?

  • In order to  better meet project deadlines, there are a few things we  need:……List and give timelines.
              Then follow up with a request for a progress report to ensure everyone is on task.


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