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Sunday, December 06, 2015


Ever think the computer seems to know your every move, purchase or connection?  It does. How do you think those ads of interest pop up on your screen? If you want to know what companies are tracking your activity go to this$completed  It shows you the list with options to click ones you want stopped.  I had 92 tracking my site. I suppose this can be good because they are customizing one's site with things of  one's interest, yet many on the list may be connected with topics you don't want to be bombarded with.  I find it gives a somewhat  spooky feeling as  it sets you up in a  'big brother' arena where your every move is being tracked.    Example:  A lady was going to write a comment on Amazon endorsing a book.  She got blocked because Amazon said she was a friend of the author.   Really, Amazon?!


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