The Performance Pro

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Got Goals? Send the Right message.

Consider your goals. Are they congruent with the message that your  "image" is sending?

Studies are showing that a few smart changes in image choices can reduce the number of conflicts between manager and employee; student and teacher; and even colleague to colleague.

Within 3 to 7 seconds of meeting you, others make a judgment as to your socio-economic status, your education level, and your desirability. Think of it, people make a subconscious judgment on whether they want to do business with you—buy your idea, recommendation, product or service.

Jack Paar once said, “Life is an obstacle course, too often, I am the obstacle.” When evaluating where you want to be five or ten years from now, what more could you be doing to project a better image of yourself along the way?

With the “Trend Mania” in the malls, it can be an expensive shopping nightmare to discover that the purchases you made are sabotaging the very things your dreams are made of, especially if you are in the corporate world. Here are some thoughts to help you on your next shopping trip:

- Consider the industry in which you work, strive to dress at the top of the appropriate dress code. If you dress out of the realm of expected attire, you will not be seen as a team player.
- Unless in an artsy or flamboyant industry, use fashion pieces in moderation
- Maintain straight, conservative lines.
- Suits still rank No. 1 for projecting professionalism. If business casual is appropriate, stick to monochromatic colors and subtle blends for higher impact.
- Guys, to step up your professionalism in a casual world, choose a sport coat, and a thin long sleeve mock turtleneck, tucked in, with a designer buckled belt.
- Check your shoes, are they sharp and spanking clean?
- Keep in mind that studies show women need to dress a notch above the guys to be seen as an equal.
- A good rule of thumb for all: Your clothes should not speak louder than you do.

Remember: "You are the billboard for the person you want to become."