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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Burnt Toast and Jam - An easy read for busy people

"I lOVE this book!"...Kim Murphy, Fox-6 TV.  We are thrilled our book "Burnt Toast and Jam" continues to  pull great reviews from readers. It's an inspirational easy read and many readers tell us they keep it handy and keep going back to re-read it when they need to lift their spirit or need a chuckle -- one woman said she has read it four times! With insights  on how to cope with life's 'burnt toast' using humor and positivity this is perfect read for these difficult times as people strive to overcome challenges and find personal happiness.  Packed with life lessons, readers exclaimed: "I loved it!  The pages practically turn themselves" and "In this negative world, this book was like a breath of fresh air."  Looking for a gift for the women on your gift list?  Give them this inspirational serving of "Burnt Toast and Jam"  (Available at: )