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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Does Cancer Have a Sense of Humor?

In an article by Arlene Harder, A, MFT, by the same title, Ms. Harder
Refers to the research concerning the mind-body connection, which sees laughter as a potential influence in healing.......... In a 60 minute segment about the Wellness Community, a national program of support for cancer patients and their families included a segment called a “Joke Fest” at which participants practiced laughing at a particular joke......We hear of fact after fact about how important laughter is to our health. It’s said that 15 minutes of laughter a day can actually extend one’s life.

When my brother-in-law, Ken, discovered he had cancer and had to undergo chemo treatments, I had to come up with a Christmas gift for him. I created a Chuckle Bag™. Months later Ken and my sister Marilyn were marveling over the big part the Chuckle Bag™played in their day during that difficult time. A new “Chuckle” every morning gave them a reprieve from the worry and a positive focus, something to smile about in a time when smiles are scarce. At the end of their 60 day supply of individually wrapped Chuckles, they recycled them again.

As a result of the positive feedback from them and others whom I had given the Bags out to, I started making more Chuckle Bags™and today I find they are a welcome gift (you can find them at for Anyone who is sick or lonely, – hey, we all need more laughter. It does a body good!


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