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Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Here's a great exercise to practice.  Play with exaggerations.  Be aware of not negatively slamming anyone, just change how you describe things.  Add a fun twist.  Example: My hair would make a bale of hay feel like a throne ...He had a beard as long as the Mississippi river...My job is alot like--going to work.
Laughter: A tool given to help us in our earthly journey.


Empower yourself.  You  CAN positively affect your own attitude--and thereby influence the attitudes of others. How? First do not acknowledge any negatives.  Do not give negatives residence in your brain. (That's a high rent district. Only positive thoughts allowed.) When faced with a negative, whether it is a problem you need to solve or situation to deal with, in your mind do a positive take on it.  You might even see a bit of humor in it.  All of this will ease the stress and hep you to respond more appropriately and more effectively.  More than 90% of people say they are more productive when they are around positive people.

Life is not having and getting, but in being and becoming

Sunday, December 06, 2015


Ever think the computer seems to know your every move, purchase or connection?  It does. How do you think those ads of interest pop up on your screen? If you want to know what companies are tracking your activity go to this$completed  It shows you the list with options to click ones you want stopped.  I had 92 tracking my site. I suppose this can be good because they are customizing one's site with things of  one's interest, yet many on the list may be connected with topics you don't want to be bombarded with.  I find it gives a somewhat  spooky feeling as  it sets you up in a  'big brother' arena where your every move is being tracked.    Example:  A lady was going to write a comment on Amazon endorsing a book.  She got blocked because Amazon said she was a friend of the author.   Really, Amazon?!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


In Marshall Goldsmith book on MOJO,  Mojo is defined as that positive spirit that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside and it peaks when we are experiencing both happiness and meaning in what we are doing. Too often the challenge is finding a way to sustain our Mojo, especially when the world seems to slap us down, gives us tough challenges or we start listening to those negative little voices from the past.

When going gets rough, our enthusiasm and positivity wane.  We tend to go to our default response. We choose safe -- that is, continuing doing the same old, same old. Doing what we're already doing and remaining in our comfort zone.  

My recommendation: Fuel yourself with the belief in yourself, and I can do it attitude,  a sense of humor, muster up your Mojo and enter your Stretch Zone. You know the place, it might not be real comfortable, in fact it might make you squirm-- but the end result is always growth and a glowing satisfaction of achievement. This technique is often discussed in our programs. Once one is active in their Stretch Zone, obtaining even a small success energizes spirit, magnifies clarity and purpose. This manifests a fuller, more confident and enthusiastic version of you -- Whoo Hoo, that is MOJO!                            

               Nobody gets to live life backwards--look ahead with confidence and purpose.
                                                      That is where your future is.


Tuesday, September 08, 2015


With the coming of fall, sooner or later you will be headed for some clothing updates.  As with this past summer,  color is everywhere. And so are the designs that are so chaotic they could make you dizzy. For making workplace attire choices, the formula is actually pretty easy.  Remember, if you want to be a rock star, dress like a rock star.  If you want to be seen as a leader, dress like a leader. If you want to be seen as a business professional, dress like a business professional.   People aren't mind readers. Within second of seeing you, they will make a judgment as to your socio-economic status, education and desirability.  An added kicker: They never forget their first impression of you. Make it a good one. A few tips:

  1. Know what colors look good on you and stick to them.
  2. Neck scarves are in.  Gals, a new scarf can transform and update those clothes you already have. Guys, for outdoor wear, throw on a nice wool neck scarf. 
  3. Keep the crazy designs at a minimum. Their CPW (cost per wear) is high.  You want classic looks that will frame your face and accentuate you,  not overpower you.  Don't get caught drowning in gaudy designs of fashion-trend mania. Just because it's there, doesn't mean it's the best choice for you.
  4. Guys, baggy is out, trim is in.  A classic blazer and crisp white shirt screams cool,  confident.....and don't forget to polish those shoes.
  5. When trying on clothes, look in the mirror. Ask the question:  What message does this send about you?
  6. Don't rationalize.  Remember: Clerks are there to sell.
  7. Go for the silent wow.

You are the billboard for the person you want to be.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015



 One of the lines we always heard in sales training was that " every "no" gets you one step closer to a yes". Think of it, every time you experience rejection, you should REJOICE! Rejoice because you are one step closer to reaching your sales quota -- finding your dream customer --finding your dream mate --or finding your dream home. One step closer to reaching your goal, whatever that might be. While it may be a very positive way of looking at the logistics of making a sale, it's not always as easy to insulate our ego's against the battle wounds.
Robert Schuller once said "The good news is that the bad news can be turned into good news when you change your attitude." So how can we build an attitude that will insulate our ego from a Woe is me attitude and boost our self-esteem?
1. Recognize the lesson. Life is a learning process.  There are many reasons for things happening. Some rejections we provoke, some just happen. Learn from each incidence -don't take them personally.
2. Face yourself in the mirror and accept the amazing person you are. Come to terms with all the potential you have.  Focus on your accomplishments.  I had a friend in grade school who would look in the mirror and sing:  "There she is, Miss America".  Nurture your ego, it defines your character.

3. Our thoughts dictate our actions. What type of thoughts are you thinking? It is the law of the self-fulfilled prophecy. If things aren't going your way, do a self-esteem check. You may discover you need to change your mind script. It may be time to start encouraging yourself to the things you fear and lay down that barrier you have built to shield you from others. Use words like "I can", I will, and instead of life being a struggle, look at it as an opportunity. Start replacing  negative words & negative perspectives with positive ones. 

4.  Something stuck in your craw? Always fighting the inevitable?   Adapt the theme song from the movie Frozen:  Let it go!   Stop focusing on self.  Move on.
5. Define your life purpose. Resolve to evolve for good.

    The very first condition of lasting happiness is that a life should be full of purpose, aiming at something outside of self.
                                                                                                                                        ... Hugh Black

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Recently a Clerk confided her frustration to me: I can’t even provide customer service, they walk in with a phone to their ear and are oblivious that I am even here. Not too long ago when a Mom tried to talk to her 4-year daughter, the reply from the 4-year old was: Not now, I’m on the phone.  Wow, what a wake up call.  In a time when we think we are more connected than ever, the truth just might be, we are creating a world of unprecedented disconnect from those around us.   It might be time we all stop shutting people out and take a look at how relationships and lives are being distanced from one another – often from those who are most important in our life.

 Tip for managing your C-time:

-       Use good judgment. Just because you can connect, doesn’t mean you should

-       Are you using texting as an avoidance tool?

-       Need to make a work connection? Apologize to whomever you are with. Make it short.

-       Schedule C-time out of your personal time, not family time.

-       Out and about? Pack it away. BE in the moment. Stay alert to the world around you.

Life is fleeting.  Don’t miss it.


How often do you give a direction or advice and find yourself frustrated because the other person acts like they haven't got a clue?

The result: You get frustrated.  You find yourself reacting to circumstances that failed your expectations-- and it just might be 'self-inflicted' frustration. We’ve all heard of the dangers of the word “assume” – yet we continually fall into the trap of doing just that.  We assume the other person knows what we are thinking.   The other scenario is that we are rush and don't take the time to choose the correct wording that accurately defines what we mean. If  communicated better in the first place it would have positioned everyone for a win/win situation.  

The next time you are talking with your colleague (your spouse or children) be sure to verbalize those outcomes that are important to you. Be specific. Most of us are not mind readers. Beware of sounding like you are giving an order. Be aware of your tone of voice and speaking pace. Slow down, speak calmly.   Put yourself in a 'team' mindset.    It might sound like this:

  • We need to be able to count on… (results)…to assure that   (whatever) happens , it means you will have to…..
    • Discuss potential road blocks and what alternatives would better achieve the appropriate response.
           Can we count on you to achieve this?   How much time do you think you will need?   
  • The next time this situation occurs, you need to ….
    • Provide specific examples as to possible sentences and check how they might sound.
          Is there any reason you would not be able to do that?

  • In order to  better meet project deadlines, there are a few things we  need:……List and give timelines.
              Then follow up with a request for a progress report to ensure everyone is on task.

Sunday, February 01, 2015


Do you consider yourself an example of Self-leadership? When you set a goal, do achieve it?   Are your goals high enough? Are you a "Doer?"

Interestingly, in facilitating a recent, Think Tank session for business owners and entrepreneurs, over a third of the group identified fear as one of the biggest obstacles that stops them from achieving more.  Wow, think about it:  As adults we still find ourselves dealing with all of those negative voices from years ago. and our confidence takes a hit.   It's easy to blame others for our not achieving goals, when in actually--like with most things in life--it is usually a result of our own actions often due to a lack of belief in our self.  

Is there a fear holding you back from leading yourself forward?   Good news! There are ways to overcome it, i.e. Identify the fear; Make a plan for taking on small steps to overcome it;  Use affirmations; Create a collage of pictures of what your success looks like; Focus on your goal; Journal your progress; Find ways to help others;  Surround yourself with people who support you and share the same goals.  And, probably my favorite:
      Fake it until you make it.
Sound funny? Think of it, most of us are fully capable of reaching any goal we set.  It is just our old mindset (the negative voices causing old, more limiting neuro pathways to which our thinking defaults) that get in way.  By going through the actions of being the person you dream to be, you provide an action process actually is a way to program your mind for success, creating new neuro pathways for your desired positive action. Voila! Soon you will not be faking!  Remember this piece of great advice from Vince Lombardi:
                   When you get in the end zone, act like you've been there before.
                                                                                                                                 ... Vince Lombardi