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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Celebrate Life's Journey

Not too long ago I met a new acquaintance and his wife at a function. They remarked how she had just finished chemo treatments and didn't lose even a single hair. I remember replying  "Lucky You!"  Then they glanced at each other and as their eyes connected she gave him a re-assuring smile and their eyes embraced each other for a moment. It was a very poignant moment which caught my attention. But then we continued our conversation.
About 12 weeks later, I was astonished to learn that she had died. The memory of what I had said came flashing back in my mind. The prospect of her death had given meaning to that loving silent look I witnessed. As what happens when people around us and close to us die and we experience how fleeting life is,  it causes us to be more determined to make use of every single moment that we have on this earth.
Because we get so busy with the task of surviving, paying bills, raising children, going to work, it's too easy to overlook the  beauty of our world and humans with whom we share it. As a reminder, I've come up with a few things to help make sure that  we have no regrets of wasting a moment in our journey on this earth. It all comes down to thinking in terms of Celebrating EVERYTHING.  

 What does it mean to celebrate? Webster dictionary defines the word as to:  honor; observe a notable occasion with festivities; or to acclaim the glory. We each have our own way of doing things and they vary from one thing to the next. A celebration may simply be taking the time to notice and "acclaim the glory."  How do you celebrate the every day things in your life? Following are some ideas - CELEBRATE OUR:
  • Humanness - have a meaningful conversation today with someone whom you would not ordinarily talk with.
  • Workday - Have a "Hurray, It's Monday!" mindset; be an inspiration to others.
  • Customers - October 7-11 is Customer Service week; this is a great appreciation opportunity.
  • Employees - Bring in a speaker to boost employee morale, personal growth and goal attainment.
  • Differences -  Delight in differing perspectives knowing all have value.
  • Stop on this planet earth - take time to watch a spider weave his web.
  • Humor - look for the comic twist. How many people can you make laugh today?
  • Senses:
    • Touch something new: the bark of a tree, the texture of a leaf.
    • Smell the fragrance of a flower.
    • Watch a butterfly take it's first flight.
    • Taste the wonder of water.
    • Listen to the sounds around you .
  • Milestones - find reasons to gather with others for celebrations.
  • Universe - August 12th is the peak night for falling stars. When our children were young, we would all take our sleeping bags, and popcorn, to lie out in yard and watch the show in the sky. What a fun celebration that was!

When we are able to absorb all life wonders and celebrate our very existence, it helps cushion the pain when life gets hard. How are you going to celebrate your life today?


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