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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Living on the Edge of Glory.

Here's wishes for a grand 4th of July!  As I look at this great  fireworks picture we took last year on our lake's celebration, full of silence, anticipation. booms and radiating magnificence, it reminds me a lot of life. When we pop with successes and good works, we burst with feelings of accomplishment and joy; enabling us to light the world around us with hope and inspiration. Through
life's  ongoing ripples, it is carried to unknowing lengths planting the seeds of glory.   The flip side is the  lack of impact when a 'dud' occurs and nothing positive happens.  Going through the day uninspired, wrapped up in ourselves  and missing opportunities.    Bringing us to a valuable life lesson:  If you want something to occur, make it happen. Remember it can be the most simple act of kindness,  gesture or kind word that can spark a smile and light the world . Little do we ralize our enormous potential for positively impacting  others in our life journey.  It is as if we live on the edge of glory and it is up to us to make it happen.


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