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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Beat Cancer with Laughter

Research keeps validating how important laughter and having a sense of humor is to our well being.   As a Certified Laughter Leader over the past few years I have seen the positive impact of laughter as a coping skill; and daily see published evidence of the vital role humor and laughter play. We now know that laughter is key to positivity and hope. We know that the inner workings of  the human body is as efficient as a fine tuned machine.  And, that we each have a personal pharmacy, triggered by laughter,  that is waiting to release it’s antibiotics and healers into our being to prevent and aid in healing.

In a 7 year-study of 54,000 people by Sven Svebak, Norwegian University of Science and Technology it was found that those who have a sense of humor outlived those who don’t.  The survival rate was even higher for those who had cancer.   Cancer patients with a good sense of humor cut their chances of dying by about 70% compared with adults with a poor sense of humor.

Thanks to colleague  Allen Klein LLC  for sharing this newest research.  It behooves all of us to kick our funny bone into gear.  Start seeing funny—it is all around us.  Laughter is a "jam*” of our life – and  may be the key to sustaining life itself.
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