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Monday, June 17, 2013

SALES: Get More customers -Be "Sharp"

What’s the secret to getting more customers? It could be the nitty gritty of 1st impressions.  

You see someone and they look sharp –sending the message of being on top, dependable and someone you want to do business with.  Usually synonymous with “polished”, being thought of as ‘sharp’ and is what makes one stand out from the competition.
Here are 6 things you can do to sharpen your personal image and attract more customers?

1.     Pay attention to detail. i.e. No more  buldging pockets, wrinkled shirts, overstuffed purse, or scuffed shoes.

2.     Be personally well groomed.   This means pull out the tweezers and get busy.  Guys: From overgrown eyebrows, obvious nose or ear hair to that shabby neck hair. Get rid of it. Gals:  Check unwanted facial hair. Consider investing in a magnifying mirror; or use your salon to help with hair removal issues.    Use gardening gloves & keep those nails nice.

3.     Think clean –With your clothes, your briefcase and the car you drive. 
      People notice.  Too often people forget about the vehicle they drive. No one wants to get into a dirty car.      Vacuum it, wash it outside and inside (don’t forget the cup holders), wipe it down, clean the floors – and don’t have ‘junk’ lying around. If you use your trunk for business, have it sparkling clean. If you must have some papers, invest in appropriate mobile desk holders available at office supply stores.   A clean car speaks volumes as to how efficient and organized you are.  And, don’t overlook odors.   

4.     Shoulders back, stand tall and walk with pride, enthusiasm and confidence.  Greet with a hand shake.  Gals: Beware of drowning in an overload of the bold, crazy prints.  Generally using them as accents is a ‘smarter’ choice.
5.     Ask questions that show interest in your customer. Keep notes on file so you remember names, etc. the next time you connect.
6.  Stay up on news and trends; be interesting.

7.     Be courteous, friendly and smile –  Remember:  “A smile is  the shortest bridge between two people”.  



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