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Sunday, October 21, 2012

WI Coalition for Asthma Meets our "Elephant on My Chest" Book

Had a great time in Kenosha, WI, at the Wi. Coalition for Asthma Conference.  At the kick off dinner opener, I had the opportunity to give a 15 minute "Introduction to Laughter Wellness" to those in attendance who work in healthcare and asthma related facilities in Wisconsin.   Then the next day we had our booth set up, sharing information on our great little 'companion' book "Elephant on My Chest" .

Interestingly this little book was written as a senior project by my son, David,  when he was a graphic design student at College. I thought it was packed with value for the child struggling to grow up with asthma so finally had it published.
Because of it being medically based and yet written in a child's terms, it's warmth and encouragement is being recognized.  Today it's being seen as a great little tool to help all kids understand what asthma really is.   Feel free to check it out on or visit our website


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