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Monday, March 26, 2012

Are you shutting people OUT?

Recently a Clerk confided her frustration to me: "I can’t even provide customer service, they walk in with a phone to their ear and are oblivious that I am even here!" Not too long ago when a Mom tried to talk to her 4-year daughter, the reply from the 4-year old was: "Not now, I’m on the phone."

Wow, what a wake up call. In a time when we think we are more connected than ever, the truth just might be, we are creating a world of unprecedented disconnect from those around us. It might be time we all stop shutting people out and take a look at how relationships and lives are being distanced from one another – often from those who are most important in our life.

This Thailand commercial is a must see: Disconnect to Connect at:

Tips for managing your tech-connect time:
-Do manage it. Just because you can connect, doesn’t mean you should
-Are you using texting as an avoidance tool?
-Need to make a work connection? Apologize to whomever you are with. Make it short.
-In conversation with another & receive a call? Ignore it, they'll leave a message: or if you must take it, apologize, & quickly arrange to call the caller back later.
-Schedule tech-connect time out of your personal time, not family time.
-Out and about? Pack it away. BE in the moment. Stay alert to the world around you.

Life is fleeting. Don’t miss it.


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