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Friday, September 17, 2010


It seems everywhere we turn, someone is getting sick. Cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, and other diseases are flourishing. What is causing all of this? I’m thinking to myself, of course, pesticides & preservatives, -- and harmful electric rays. I had heard some years ago about hair dryers emitting the highest rate of dangerous rays of any household appliances. I remember thinking “eek- that’s my brain station I’m zapping!” and proceeded to tell my daughter to be sure to aim her dryer only at her hair, not her head (probably naively hoping that will be healthier for her).

One day as I was cleaning my house, I was pondering the question of a friend who had asked if I knew why more women had Mutliple Sclerosis than men. Interesting question. At the time, I was cleaning my house plants, of course, with no gloves. I became aware of the white filmy chemical that was dripping from them as I sprayed them, so I began applying it with a rag; a glance at the label; I noticed it said only to ‘keep out of reach of children”, h-m-m must be poison.

Then I went out and proceeded to clean our deck. I was beaming at the wonderful job the cleaner was doing, when I noticed the recommendation on the bottle referring to “wearing a respirator”!

Some time later, I was in the kitchen cleaning my counter with my Fantastik, I happened to see on that label where it said to “wash off food contact surfaces” after cleaning (how many of us do that?!)—oh yes, and if you get it on your clothing, you are remove the “contaminated” clothing & if it touches your skin you are to rinse with plenty of water for 15 to 20 minutes. (Somehow this isn’t sounding to so “fantastic” anymore.)

I wonder over the course of even 10 years how much my body has absorbed, through breathing, eating and touching. Add that to my hair dryer and all the other things that are in our life today. I think the Terrorists should just be patient, chill out and take a vacation. We are doing a good job of killing ourselves all on our own.


  • At 9:04 AM, Blogger Mary Ann said…

    you make some good points - I think it is probably wise to keep rubber gloves on when using cleaning products and taking care not to inhale them. Better yet, maybe it's time to look in to some of the more "nature-based", chemical free options in cleaning projects...


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