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Monday, February 08, 2010


"I LOVE this book!" acclaimed by Kim Murphy, Fox-6 TV

Looking for a great way to connect with some neighbors, friends and colleagues? We now have a Book Club Discussion Guide available as a free download at our website ( I've received numerous inquiries about an interest in a Burnt Toast & Jam Book Club. What a great idea! We even have an Invitation created for YOU to send to your guests! (

Perfect for friends, family and neighbors -- or how about a LUNCH ROOM Book club?

Take six weeks and each week discuss the happenings, meanings and personal relevancies of one of the six chapters. The book is guaranteed to provide fun and enlightening sessions. You will have laughter, and tears, as participants share their own heartfelt connections and thoughts. The Guide is a great tool for opening meaningful discussions. IT's FREE. The Guide download makes it easy for you! (and don't forget the tea and crumpets!)

(Books can be ordered at any book store, OR from for discounts given on bulk orders /signed copies. Let us know your plans!


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