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Friday, July 06, 2007

From Failure to Success - Never give up!


Success are built on failures. The important thing to remember is that failure is an “event” -–not a “person”. Your actions may have failed, but that does not make YOU a failure. The failed event is merely another form of a life lesson. The very act of learning from a failed event turns it into a success.

Estelle Getty of TV’s Golden Girls auditioned four times for the part of Sophia, and she still did not get the part. But she didn’t give up.
Figuring they were reluctant because she was only 60 at the time auditioning to play an 80 year old, guess what she did? She hired a make-up artist, went to a resale shop where she bought laced up shoes, a funny hat, and a dress two sizes too big for her. Getty shuffled into NBC as the elderly lady they were looking for. She got the part.

Many people we think of today as being overnight successes, can tell of years filled with many failed events. They learned from them and persisted in trying to reach their goals.

The next time you have a failed event in your life, think of it as a learning experience, learn from it, move on and CELEBRATE ---you are one step closer to success!


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