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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wisconsin Motivational Speaker KINZA featured

Wisconsin Meetings Magazine featured an article by Kinza Christenson in their Fall, 2006, issue.
Titled Partnering for Success Kinza's article provided insights for meeting planners on how preparation and attention to details in working with their speaker can make or break an event's success. Taking into consideration "Murphey's Law" (If something can go wrong it will) Kinza's tips included:
--Take a detailed approach with the speaker. Most speakers provide a pre-program questionnaire. Take their questions seriously--what you write will provide your speaker the
material needed to connect with their audience.
--If using a theme, what can the speaker do to accommodate the theme? Let your speaker know of any visions you may and don't be afraid to ask for her ideas.
--Arrange for volunteers ahead of time to help with any speaker needs, product table, music, etc.
--Be sure to give the speaker your cell phone number. They'll be able to contact you if there's any delay or last minute question and they'll be able to let you know they have arrived so you can breath a sigh of relief.


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