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Monday, February 05, 2007


The game was a game, the half time show was a half time show, but the real Winner of this year’s Super Bowl? Hands down. The trophy goes to Coke Cola. For their leadership in airing an extraordinary commercial that left viewers singing and humming the catchy tune, “The love you give, comes back to you.” It was the commercial that dared to step across the line of getting back to moral values, decency, helping one another and promoting brotherly love. As the actor made his way down the street, helping people, the words continued…” you will be known by what you say and what you do.” And demonstrating caring for one another. Wow, they sent a huge message unparalleled in recent years.

A few years ago U.S.News & World Report did a cover story entitled “In Your Face” with the subtitle: Whatever happened to good manners? Americas uncivilness was an article on our rude and crude culture; and how obnoxious and shocking behavior has replaced good manners. In a poll conducted by Bozell Worldwide: 9 our of 10 American think incivility is a problem More than 90% say the problem has worsened in the last ten years. May Coke Cola’s revolutionary debut be the first of many as we move forward In creating a pendulum swing towards courtesy and respect for one another.

And then there was Budweiser, what’s with the ax, and chainsaw? Hitting a guy in the head with a rock is suppose to be funny? Not. Actually their messages were pretty sick. Perhaps it’s time Budweiser take a leadership role and use their money to raise the bar on personal behavior and conduct. If they’re at a loss at how to do it? Take a lesson from Coke Cola.


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