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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cancer Patients Love Chuckle Bags(TM)

Have a friend undergoing chemo treatments? Everyone need something good to look forward to--especially during this difficult time.

We have the perfect gift for you to give! A Chuckle Bag(TM) is a festive gift bag, a heartfelt uplifting message from Kinza and 60-individually folded humorous 1-liners -- a supply to last 60 days! No need to wrap, it's ready to give! It is the perfect gift to help friends through hard
days of cancer, put a chuckle in their hearts and let them know that you are thinking of them.

Past recipients:

"During my chemo treatments, every morning my kids and I reached for a new Chuckle for the day. It was the one thing that brought us relief during that time. They were wonderful. Thank you!"... S. Greene

"Both my wife and I looked forard to the next Chuckle every day during my Chemo treatments. They lifted our spirits and gae me something fun to share with the chemo staf on my visits. We just keep recycling them!"...K. Lauterbach

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