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Thursday, January 25, 2007



Of all the communication skills taught, it would seem that learning to look someone in the eye is one of the hardest to do. It's just doesn't seem to come naturally. Instead, we tend to look at the ceiling, or down at the floor. In actuality, chances are that we are really listening and just trying to process what is being said. People who process information visually tend to look up and to the right while they listen. Kinesthetic processors tend to look to the ground while listening. The result is that the person you are listening to doesn't think you are listening. They may even get hurt feelings or angry that they don't have your attention.

The next opportunity you have to listen to someone; look them in the eye while they are speaking. Note: I said "eye" and not "eyes." Glancing back and forth to their eyes can make you look shifty or like you are not really listening. This is one of the skills that actors work hard to perfect. It is impossible for the person to know that you are looking in just one eye. They will assume you are listening intently.
Master this technique and you will be seen as a great communicator!


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