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Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Past The Bummers

In our book “Burnt Toast & Jam” we use the analogy of Burnt Toast to cover the bad stuff that happens in life--the bummers that life deals us. Sometimes it’s the small things that cause stress, hurt or embarrassment; sometimes it’s really big things that impact our life forever.

Add the down economy and loss of jobs in the mix, and we are living in a time when bummers abound. So how do we replace the burnt cinders with sweet jam? One thing we can do is fill our personal reservoirs with positive strengths of character and abundant humor to give us the tools to endure tough times. The bigger the bummer, the bigger the challenge is. As you reflect on the burnt toast that you have been dealt, these thoughts might help you :

-For bigger bummers, reach out to others who have shared same or similar experiences. Surround yourself with the support of others.
- Let the glory of days gone by give you the courage to pen doors to the future.
-Embrace the fabulous three: Faith in a higher power Hope that sparks possibility and purpose; and Charity for those with an even heavier load.
-Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
-Focus on being grateful for even the smallest things.
-Initiate your own stress reducing techniques, i.e. whistle, hum, sing.
-Dare to be silly and laugh -- it will help lighten the load for all.
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Remember: Life is lumpy. A lump in your oatmeal is not the same as a lump in your breast. Know the difference.


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