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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Burnt Toast and Jam Book Featured on Fox 6

"Burnt Toast & Jam" -- "I LOVE this book!" exclaimed Kim Murphy,TV-Fox 6 as we began the interview on her Wake Up morning segment this past week. I was invited in by Fox 6 to discuss our new book. Kim was awesome. Her excitement and enthusiasm on "Burnt Toast & Jam" spilled over as she actually read excerpts to viewers and shared the value of its content for achieving personal happiness. The sound man was even excited about it afterward so I gave him my extra copy and he then asked for my autograph. I also answered many questions from the receptionist afterwards, she was pumped up and excited as she shared she was going to recommend her friends use "Burnt Toast & Jam" for their book club. To all my new friends at Fox-6, Thank you!


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