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Friday, October 03, 2008


When I was deciding upon a title for my new book about life, attitude and how we respond to the every day life challenges, it just seemed like the analogy to burnt toast and jam fit pretty accurately.

There’s a quote that goes: “Only 10% of life is what we are dealt. 90% of life is how we respond to it.” Supporting that belief, our book intertwines humor and life lessons. My resulting burnt toast and jam philosophy is when life deals you burnt toast, scrape off the cinders and slap on the jam.

How can we better prepare ourselves for the burnt toast of life? I believe it has to do “jam”, life’s good stuff. With our questionable economic future, this is a timely opportunity to figure out how to best prepare mentally for what may lie ahead.. Filling our personal reservoirs with a good foundation provides us with the balance, strength, and inner “jam” needed to face our challenges with a resilient spirit.

Here's a great step to start filing your personal reservoir:

1. Create a personal mission statement. A personal mission statement should be only a few sentences long and down to earth language so you can easily repeat it to yourself. It should
answer these questions: " The purpose of my life is:" and, "I will achieve that how:"
When we define our existence, it provides us direction and focus. It also serves to filter out
all the little stuff that we used to get stressed out about. (For more information and assistance, see our "Design The Life You've Always Wanted"Cd & manual, available at our site:

Once you have a mission statement that feels is accurate for you, revisit it occasionally. Is it still "right on"? or do you to refine or update it? A personal mission statement is a roadmap
for your life, don't leave home without it!


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